Monday, September 14


my lip is bleeding, a cuff is stained, why does blood smell so good? why does it remind me of summer? a grazed knee perhaps or a bare foot on something sharp. it heals.

a motive to kill a stunt man
oh it's only fake darling, they don't really do it
they don't do it for real
they wear protection and harnesses and padding
they don't feel the way you do
are they even living at all?

oh don't envy them darling, they don't know any better
their ignorance is their prison
they walk around and around and stay oblivious
they don't feel the way you do
are they even living at all?

you live with a thousand weights on your shoulders
i try to bare some but it's never enough
it slowly crushes you
the way you feel
they could never understand

they don't feel the way you do
are they ever going to live?

Monday, September 7

I've got lies to tell your children

I'm sick of people calling me that and thinking it's an insult. It would be if I thought I was better than anyone. I don't, so it's not. It's pretty funny how people on low incomes complain that I have a good lifestyle. I don't care. My parents worked from their low incomes to their high one, and they didn't complain. Maybe you could do the same thing? I certainly plan on working hard to keep my lifestyle. Why would I want to live uncomfortably? I love my life, my friends and my family. Money has nothing to do with it. But unfortunatly in our Capitalist society I must make money to keep a home, a phone and all the extras that make life for me comfortable. It doesn't mean I think I'm superior or anything of the sort. I'm down to earth, I realise the struggles of others, and don't think something as incontinent as money seperates me from hardship. I've seen my fair share and I've lived depression and anxiety. Hard work and persistence get's you through it. Not complaining Joe Blo is upper class, or a snob. Chances are he or his family have worked hard. I appreciate everything I have and take not one cent for granted.

You're a coward and a weakling
Work! Don't complain
Possibly become human
Inside your shell of resentment
Small town blues and
Big time liars
I hate it here. I hate it here.
I will take my loves away
with me
I swear a word I should not say
Listen to your stupidity
Your identity flawed beyond
You're a coward and a weakling
With eloquence I disarm you
and with fury you spit nonsenses
You will never be anything more
You don't
for it
You are a coward and a weakling...

Sunday, September 6

Art, like nature, has its monsters.

Oh Sweetie, popularity and promiscuity won't get you anywhere unless you're intelligent. And you're lacking in the brains department.

It feels like it's like this all the time. The monsters they become behind their keyboards and passwords.

Existence without intelligence is an insult to humanity. Maturity lacks in people it should be prominent within.

I sometimes wonder, don't they have lives? or something better to do?, but it makes no difference to the outcome.

Oh honey, there's no one more pathetic than you, I do believe you are the biggest bore I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on.

I know it's cruel, there's no much I can do when you act like this.