Sunday, November 14

i float through deep vermillion
sometims thin like air
but still so thuick it swallows
not just me, it swallows you
running is hard on sand
i stumble and fall

it's unfair
that memory
our breathing, mingled
and hot
gone and leaving

Monday, November 1

I am cradled in emptiness
A case of bones
Vast and gaping

A light shines
Underneath a doorway

Out of reach is
The next word

Staged contrition
A role play of real life
Wishing for the before
Holding breath for the after

is a game
I don't know the rules
It's a sport
with no players
A ship with no crew

How can you be so heartless?
is your ugly face
Your only face

It might not make sense
A cruel heart may never
Or see the living
Amongst the dead

There's a fire in my bones
And a screeching
Resounding off my soul
Ashen and ruined
Are my hands

It's not forever
They say in the distance
But it is lost
Within the cavity

A chair of bones
And ash
And light
And wine red fear