Tuesday, November 3

it's a metaphor, fool

As time goes by it becomes increasingly clear that I will never learn where to properly place my trust in people. Is it a coincidence that I finally got better while they were not around? I don't think so. I think without their lying, backstabbing characters I finally could breathe freely. Now I'm suffocating again. Or are they smothering me with their deceit? I feel much healthier without them and their trivial natures surrounding me. I prefer the company of people who don’t make me feel worthless. It hurts me to cut myself off from them, but deep down I know it’s necessary to my happiness. I know it’s only a matter of time before I don’t live up to their ridiculous standards of behaviour (which they don’t even hold themselves too) and I’m made to feel worse than I do right now. I prefer the people who know my personality and don’t object to the temperamental side. I may not always be the nicest or easy-going person, but I’m only human and so are they. Humans are not perfect, ever. However I would never hurt someone on purpose or be deliberately obnoxious or plan to screw up. And it’s their choice if they choose to be friendly which such people but I don’t appreciate being lied to in any situation. Everyone, no matter how unsavoury they may be, deserves the truth.


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anieke said...

it's a little saddening to read, but it's good :)