Tuesday, July 6

I could have sworn we disappeared tonight.

Her whole body ached. It had been a week, but it felt like years. It was somewhere around noon but she rolled back over and buried her face between her sheets and pillows. Her phone buzzed from somewhere in the bed. Only one person had the number. She scrambled around until she found it the hastily pulled up the message. Rise and shine :) look outside x. As she moved to her window she pulled her long hair away from her face. There he was, standing at the garden gate. His body was lean and his smile was gorgeous. She waved and motioned him to come inside. No one would be home and after her family heard what happened from Karen they had left her mostly alone anyway. Her jeans felt loose as she pulled them on, she was reminded she hadn’t eaten in a few days. Not that it made any difference, she was not hungry. Her bedroom door opened.
“What should we do today?” Logan said with a strong hint of encouragement. “Perhaps shower or leave the house?”
“Uh…” He knew that she would rather not. “What if I see them… what if they’re out there together… like nothing happened… like –“
“Dude, we can drive around, get out of town.” He reached for her face and lightly touched her chin and her neck. “Maybe even get you to eat.” Her whole body tingled. He was like an angel. Talking to her almost all day, every day since it happened. She had only spilled her soul about them last night, and here he was.
“Wh- why are you doing this?” She pulled away and moved back to sit on her bed. “It’s not like you have to, you barely know me.” He shrugged and sat beside her.
“Would you rather I left you alone?” He looked her in the eye and she shook her head. “Then, come on! Let’s go!”

Things hurt less when he was around. She could not explain it but sitting in the front passenger seat of his beat-up car she felt like she could breathe again. She did not ask where they were going; she guessed that was not really the point.
“Can I have one?” she asked as he put a cigarette to his lips.
“Sure. I didn’t know you smoked.”
“I don’t.” It was disgusting but it calmed her nerves. She knew why Lily liked it so much.

Logan bought a stack of greasy fries and a large thickshake just for her. She sighed and ate a few fries. She suddenly felt ravenous and downed them all. He laughed at her and changed the CD with one hand. For the first time in a week she forgot everything and actually smiled.

They drove for over an hour, out of town, through the bush and towards the coast. The beach town, with its temporary looking houses and worn roads, was busy but relaxed. Logan pulled the car into a sandy car park and hopped out.
“So, what do we do now?” asked Amelia as she closed the passenger door.

They sat on the bonnet of the car in the afternoon sun and enjoyed the quiet air of the ocean. And he kissed her. And she let him.

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