Thursday, December 24

Luckie St.

I'm becoming increasingly restless. Everything here is so pointless. My life finally starts in Feburary.

Everything and nothing has changed all at once. I'm still head over heels for Brad. I couldn't live without him. My kitten got hit by a car, but he's ok, just a bit shaken. I made some new friends. One really good girl friend. I finally feel like I've got back something I lost a long time ago. She's fun and we can talk for hours. She's not stupid or slutty or hung up on things I find completely irrelevent to my happiness. I love her :)
I'm getting thinner. My hair is way longer. I'm generally having more fun than I used to.
I feel like me again.
I feel again.

Today, Christmas Eve, it seems like the little things count. Like mum buying me tea leaves and putting cherries in a bowl on the table. I can smell food. I'm so happy Brad's presents got here in time for Christmas!

I'm so excited for our family holiday. I'm so excited to start building my life with the love of my life. I'm excited by the future, which never used to be the case.
The hint of alcohol and nicotine keeps us warm inside. So all your fashion sense aware, the sweaters unfold themselves. We are all alone, but we're better off by ourselves. Cause it's time to roll the windows down and feel the cold air all around. We are heading out of town and not a thing can stop us now. Get carried away. Let's think about all the nights on Luckie Street We stayed up till 3 am. With all the gossip and the latest girls

My life feels like a punkpop song sometimes. That makes me happy.

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