Saturday, January 23

hold your breath

the sea is stretched
blue creased leather
the water is warm like
the air
the skin
the hair

i remember the smell
the bruises
from the stares
or the stairs
which came first?
a thumping somewhere
someone blows smoke

so sweet and so cold
disappear into the heat
there is something fake about
the buildings
the people
the weather

it's a cliche like
the sweet smell of home
or the longing for familiar
or a feeling you can't describe
speak quietly and
get the sand out
of your clothes
turn into an autumn leaf

it was so lovely
i felt i might fade away
inside the golden of it all
maybe i did
either way something has

Dear Reader,
This is my first poem in a while and of 2010. This year will be amazing, I can feel it. I'm moving to the city (which means getting out of this one horse town) and going to University (which means preparing for my sucessful career). All this I'm doing with the love of my life. It seems like everything is perfect. Although today was very stressful I'm so excited. I'm beginning to forget about everything shit from the past two years and see my family happy, my new/improved friends closer and my life fall into place. I'm thankful I didn't give up, thankful to everyone who helped me (even if they don't know it) and even thankful to the people who hurt me. Without it all I wouldn't be the person I am right now. Sometimes I miss the people I put a lot of faith in, but then I remind myself I just miss the energy I put into them. It's late, and I'm listening to the wind. A little part of me will miss this place (a tiny part!).
Love Alice

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