Wednesday, May 13

it's human nature to be free
i am an artist. today i have realised this. like all before me i am misunderstood and misinterpreted. i have come into my own. i am strange and frustrating. i admit nothing and everything. i dwell in a place other minds may not always see or understand. like a true artist i create something in everything i see and mistakenly assume others see it too. it may take me a while to learn they do not see the world as i do. but all skills can be perfected, and that is all it is. i am private and shy not unlike similar minds. i am different to the average person and now know why my life has become the way it has. i must embrace my creativity and the people who appreciate it. i understand now why i have always felt to big for this small town full of small minds. my mind is as open as the sky with every part there for the taking. i set forth now into the person i was searching for inside of myself. no one can hold me back anymore.
paint your dreams in reds and blues and greens

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